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We work with virtually any operating system with the purpose of correcting common problems such as PopUps, viruses, spywares, and malicious software that make our daily life impossible. We also solve problems with your internet connection. (Dial-up, DSL or Cable modem)

If you own a T1/T3 or other high speed connection, please visit the Networks Section.

By the way, we also work with printer or peripheral problems. (CD/DVD Rom)

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New Computer / Hardware

New Computer / Hardware
Reliable Computers

Don't have a PC? Need one? We have what you need!

Ask us for a quote on a complete custom made system or PC hardware. No matter if you are a gamer o business oriented customer we offer a wide range of hardware for your needs.

Thru us you can buy virtually any computer hardware or software. Remember that we also deliver, install and configure. Visit our Delivery section for more information.

Computer Repair / Upgrades

Computer Repair / Upgrades
Hardware that Works

Computer malfunction? Computer problems? TEKUNIX is your solution!

Contact Us for hardware assistance. We can upgrade your memory or any hardware that your PC can support. This option is great if you just want to extend your computers life before you buy a new one.
In the other hand, if your computer simply stopped working or is having hardware / software related issues we can solve your problem fast and at your location. You may also handle us your computer for a complete analysis of course.
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Virus / Spam / Spyware

Virus / Spam / Spyware
Complete Scan & Removal

Virus infected PC ? Popups? We will really clean you PC!

Contact Us for a secure computer virus cleanup without harming your data. In the worst case scenario we will backup your data and perform a complete installation. Afterwards, your data will be restored as well as all the software.
If you currently have a mess with your cables and don't even know where the cables are going or you follow a cable with a dead end then we can also help.
Data Recovery

Data Recovery
Secure Recovery

Lost important information? Hard drive malfunction? Your data is save with us!

Contact Us for a professional data recovery. We will try various data recovery procedures in order to successfully save your data to a new location. Call us for more information on this service.
Remember that not always your data can be recovered due to a number of factors like physical damage to a hard drive were data just can't be retrieved.